Conor McGregor accused of punching Italian DJ

Conor McGregor has allegedly been embroiled in another altercation.

According to TMZ, the 33-year-old boxing champion punched Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti in the face and shattered his nose.

The DJ claims he and his wife were hanging out with Conor and his fiancee Dee Devlin when Conor unprovokedly hit him around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday (October 17).

He also shared a video of his injuries, saying they were all “having a good time.” Conor had invited them to a another party, and it was there that Conor allegedly threw the punch in front of ten people.

“I was punched in the face for no reason.” Anyone could be the target of that strike. Friends, my wife, or other acquaintances. That’s why I’m suing Conor McGregor because he’s a violent and dangerous individual,” the DJ explained.

“He threw a punch in Francesco’s face out of nowhere.” He was inviting us to a different gathering. ‘All right, let’s go,’ Francesco said, and he smacked him. Fortunately, he [Francesco] was close enough for him [Conor] to avoid loading up on his punch. Francesco took a step back and landed on the table, then on the ground. ‘Are we kidding?’ was the first thought that came to mind. Is it a performance?’ “I was then immobilized,” his wife explained.

“When I turned back, I noticed his companions pinning him against the wall because he wanted to keep beating Francesco. Then he was taken away. The guards switched off the lights after I turned them on. Francesco was in a lot of pain. I wanted to assist him, but we were chased away by the guards. He’ll be in Italy till the 26th of October. Stay away from him if you see him. Do not approach him or ask for autographs because he is a dangerous and unstable individual.”