Drinking wine might make you more attractive

You’ve probably heard of “beer goggles” or have used them yourself. Merriam-Webster defines it as the impact that occurs when a person becomes more appealing to you after drinking one (or five) alcoholic drinks. Yes, the beer goggles have undoubtedly contributed to some unforgettable tales. But did you realize it may also work the other way? According to a study published in Health, a single glass of wine made drinkers appear more appealing to sober judges; rather than when they hadn’t had anything to drink. How is it possible?

Health did a study that included 40 pupils. An interesting conclusion was reached after comparing images taken of the students’ faces when they were sober, had one glass of wine, and right after they had a second glass of wine. Students who were photographed after one glass were judged to be more beautiful than those who were photographed sober.

One glass of wine can help you develop a healthy physical feature

This could be explained by the way your appearance alters slightly after a glass of wine. The principal study researcher, Marcus Munaf, Ph.D., says to Health; “The skin of those who had drunk a small amount of alcohol was slightly rosier. Rosiness is appealing since it is associated with good physical condition “he declares

That is one hypothesis. Another answer can be discovered in the kids’ eyes after they’ve had a drink of wine. Pupil dilation is a natural event that occurs after consuming alcohol. It is a characteristic that is often regarded as pleasant by viewers. Surprisingly, the added attractiveness faded after one drink. Students rated the sober photo as more attractive than the one taken after more than one drink.

While “beer goggles” may have been more generally known at first, “the one glass of wine trick” has now become well-known. It’s always interesting and useful to be aware of how alcohol influences our decisions.