Elon Musk Became the World’s Second Richest Person

The famous Tech Entrepreneur Elon Musk has managed to become the second richest man after passing Bill Gates.

In his personal fortune happened a huge rise jumping from $7.2bn to $128bn after shares in his car firm Tesla skyrocketed.

Richer than him is Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder.

Mr Musk’s wealth is tied up with Tesla’s stock and is reported that in 2020 more than $100bn are added in his net worth.

His wealth has been compensated in stock instead of a salary and based on his company’s success it has been paid off generously.

In Tesla Company are produced a lot of car models and the most popular one is Model 3 of electric cars. These models  has massively scaled up their output and are the bestselling luxury cars for the moment in America.

S&P 500 would be adding the company to its influential index so Tesla’s stock received a little punch. It means investment funds who track the index will hold its stock and benefit from gains in its share price. And this news for investors is great of course.

Recently Musk announced on Twitter that he had symptoms of Covid-19 when he made some rapid tests and after that they were confirmed with a more detailed PCR examine test.