Elton John & Britney Spears reportedly recording new duet!

A thrilling new song from Britney Spears is reportedly in the works after visiting the studio once more.

According to Page Six, the 40-year-old singer recently participated in a recording session with Elton John in a Beverly Hills studio.

According to the sources, Britney and Elton John recently recorded a new duet of his classic song “Tiny Dancer,” and it will be released the following month.

“Elton came up with the idea, and Britney is a big fan. They have a full duet remix of “Tiny Dancer” that is incredible, the source claimed. Britney joined Elton in the studio last week in Beverly Hills for a top-secret recording session that was overseen by super-producer Andrew Watt.

“They’ve already played it for their record label’s staff, and everyone is in a frenzy. The source continued, “It is really good. “They predict that this song will be the summer’s anthem. Officially, Britney is back. She’s thrilled to be going back to work.

The other night, Taron Egerton and Britney met. In Rocketman, he plays the role of Elton.