Eminem and Mike Tyson talking about personal life

Eminem and Mike Tyson talking about personal success like never before

An unprecedented duo, like hip hop living legend Eminem and boxing living legend Mike Tyson, decide to sit down on the podcast Hotboxin, hosted by Tyson to talk about life. Tyson started the conversation by talking about the first days of hip hop. How it was described as something unmoral, since it was made by people with legal issues, outcast by the society at the time. Even so he kept going to the club  and enjoyed it because it was an inner call to be part of it.

How it all started

Eminem revealed that the first strong impact he had with hip hop was from the movie Breakin` and then his uncle Ronnie introduced him with more audio tracks. When asked about the start of his career, he said that he started making songs at the age of 15. A call from Proof was the real ignition of his career with rap battle in the Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit.

As rap battles continue, outside Detroit, with an obvious wining streak, he mentioned a loss to the rapper Juice in a rap battle in Cincinnati. Despite the rising reputation in the hip hop community, the economic situation for Marshall was escalating badly. He told about the time he was evicted from his house. Later that day, he lost the Rap Olympics in Los Angeles, which was a devastating blow for him, but also the turning point for him, because after the battle , Dean Geistlinger asked Eminem for a cd. The cd was later handed to Dr Dre and we all know how the story goes.

Then the conversation switched to boxing as Eminem told about his short affiliation with the sport, that he had started practicing for quite some time. This new hobby ended when he was knocked out by a boxer, who happened to be 14 years old. Mike Tyson told Eminem that people peak the top level, in different times in their life, that he was at his best in is his 20 ‘s but other people may have different personal development. On the other hand, as they keep talking about fighting as a method of living, Tyson underlined an unusual point. He said that when you arrive in a certain point in your boxing career, its not a tough man sports anymore, its about being smart.


As he continued to share his personal experiences and insight about life , Eminem was complimented about his performance at The Oscars, with the emblematic song Loose Yourself, but there he revealed a minor accident that happened on stage during the show. His microphone receiver dropped from his back and he had to carry it around the whole song, which kind of distracted him from the performance.

The whole interview is an inspiring must-watch video. Real experiences and thoughts from two of the most successful people in their industry. Two people that started from nothing and got to the top with their talent and mostly with their perseverance and hard work. Here we have the full interview for you, enjoy it!