Emma Watson on the fanfare over her and Tom Felton!

Emma Watson spills the beans on her romance with Tom Felton!

The couple highlighted their tight bond during HBO Max’s Harry Potter reunion, stressing that nothing romantic ever happened between them.

Emma addressed the fanfare surrounding their romance in a new interview with British Vogue.

“We talk every couple of weeks,” the 31-year-old actress revealed of her former co-star; adding that they find all of the attention on their pal “lovely.”

Emma also discussed what it was like to return to the Harry Potter set, telling the source that it was “like heaven.”

“I’m simply glad they’re still around!” “Most film sets are demolished as soon as a scene is completed,” she explained. “I’m very glad they’re still around for others to appreciate, including myself.” Stuart Craig, the set designer, is a genius. “What he did was flawless.”

She also said that Rupert Grint telling her he loved her was the “most emotional” part of the reunion.

“When Rupert says something, he means it. Emma remarked, “I was taken aback by how vulnerable and compassionate he chose to be so openly.” “It really impacted me how introspective Dan [Radcliffe] had been throughout the years about how different it had been for me as a girl.”

She went on to say that while the three major characters don’t text much, they do “talk individually.”

“I die when Rupert sends me images of [his daughter] Wednesday.” “Dan and I strive to soothe one other’s nerves on a regular basis,” she explained. “We both try to remain out of the spotlight as much as possible, so it’s been good to have each other’s support knowing that another wave of attention was on the way.”