Eye Color Can Say a Lot About Your Personality

Some research say that brown eye color is the most wide spread color in population with 79%, after that comes blue color with 10 % , hazel eyes are 5% and green eyes is only 2%. Well this thing has made researchers more curious to find some personality characteristic that each eye color has.  So which color are you?  Scroll down for more information.

1. Women with light color eyes can deal with pain more than women with dark ones.

During a research they discovered that women with green or blue eyes can tolerate pain more than the ones with hazel or brown eyes. These research was during their pregnancy and giving birth moments. The result is that light color women’s where more calm and positive.

2. Brown Eye Color- Trustworthy People

In a test over 1000 women where asked different questions and the result was that people with brown eye color are trustworthy and everyone can feel secure around them.  People trust them and they are very wise and kind.

3. Light Brown Eye Colored Men Have More Mental Health Problems than Women With that Color.

A study result said that men are more unstable than women with 68.78 %. The result was that they may have more mental health problems  or psychriatric ones.

4. Blue Eye Color: Charming and Eye-Catchy

People with light blue eyes are beautiful indeed and their characteristic is compassionate and very sweet.  People with deep blue eyes are smart but can be considered more eye-catchy physically.

5. Green Eye Color:  Innovative and Insidious

Green eyes are rare and enchanting but in people’s eyes may be seen as devious.  But since is unique people with this color are smart, original and innovative. But they have a sort of foxy side or unusual side of them. They are calculative and strong people.

6. Black Eye Color: Asocial and with Low Self-Esteem

More than 65% of women’s with black eye color where found  not to be  social and sometimes they have low confidence. But men seem to have more explosive character and they love the thrill and adventures.  They are a little feisty and angry in different situations.

7. Hazel Eyes Color: Can Adapt Well and Handle Pressure

In a study over 50% of people are said to deal well under tension and pressure. They are practical and love their works.  For men’s hazel and green eyes are considered more beautiful but blue eyes are on the competition too.

8. People with green eye color are bright and more positive about the future.

The same with hazel eyes, green eyes where passionate about their life, job, and with very positive characters. More than 40% of them love to make charities and over 65% set life goals and think about the future with optimism.