Find out who The Weeknd recently collaborated with!

At Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, The Weeknd will have his own haunted houses!

In order to create an experience based on his album After Hours, the performer collaborated with the theme park.

Since Halloween has always been important to my music having my own Halloween Horror Nights haunted house is a complete dream come true; The Weeknd told Entertainment Weekly. “I feel like this collaboration started with one of my music videos; and I can’t wait for people to witness this madness,” the artist exclaimed.

Visitors will “spiral into the twisted mind of this mysterious artist” in “The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare.”

An overview of the haunted house experience is provided below.

Visitors will enter a surreal living nightmare with grotesque characters and themes inspired by The Weeknd’s music; and short films as the eerie sounds of “After Hours” echo throughout the experience. Guests will be challenged to survive the night while trapped within the terrifying, unexpected world of “The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare” a place that only exists in The Weeknd’s vivid imagination and from which one may never escape. They will be stalked by slashers, bandaged maniacs, gruesome toad-like creatures, and other unfathomable horrors from the artist’s mind.

Visitors can experience The Weeknd’s “After Hours Nightmare” on both coasts starting on September 2 at Universal Studios Orlando and on September 8 at Universal Studios Hollywood.