Florence Pugh Discusses Her Valentino Dress!

About her most recent appearance, Florence Pugh is being candid.

The 26-year-old star, who attended the Valentino show during Rome Fashion Week, posted a lengthy caption on Instagram on Sunday, July 10, addressing her attention-grabbing sheer pink gown.

“Listen, I was aware that there would undoubtedly be commentary on the stunning Valentino dress I wore. We all knew what we were doing, whether it was a good or bad thing. I was eager to wear it; I had no anxiety at all. Before, during, or even now after, I wasn’t “She started.

“It’s been fascinating to see how simple it is for men to completely dismember a woman’s body in front of everyone, proudly. You even include your job titles and email addresses in your bio. What’s worrying is how vulgar some of you men can be. It’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last time a woman hears what’s wrong with her body from a crowd of strangers “She went on.

“Thankfully, I’ve accepted the peculiarities of my body that define who I am. I’m content with all of the “flaws” that, when I was fourteen, I couldn’t bear to see. So many of you wanted to verbally attack me and tell me how disgusted you were with my “tiny tits” or how I should be ashamed of having such a “flat chest.” I’ve spent a lot of time living in my body. I am not afraid of my large breasts because I am fully aware of them “Florence continued, “

“What’s more alarming is… Why do you fear breasts so much? Small? Large? Left? Right? just one? perhaps none? What is so frightening. What changed for you to be so content with being so vocally upset about the size of my boobs and body, I wonder?”

I’m very appreciative that I was raised by strong, powerful, curvy women.

We were taught to draw strength from the lines on our bodies. to blatantly express comfort. In this business, it has always been my goal to respond with “fuck it and fuck that” whenever someone looks to me for an opinion on what’s hot or sexually alluring. I knew why I was wearing that dress. The answer is that you are the one who doesn’t know if it’s so simple for you to verbally assault women in public in 2022. Be mature. Regard others. Honor the body. esteem all females. esteem people.

I assure you that things will get much simpler. And it’s all thanks to two adorable little nipples, oh! The final slide is for those who feel more at ease covering that inch of darker skin, she added, adding the hashtag “f—king free the f—king nipple.”