Here’s a look inside Kylie Jenner’s baby shower!

Kylie Jenner may or may not have already given birth to her second kid with Travis Scott. She gave her 301 million Instagram followers an exclusive look at her baby shower before of the baby’s arrival. Jenner’s shower was like any other Kardashian party: lavishly designed and gorgeous, with white decor and giraffe sculptures. “,” Jenner captioned her Instagram image.

On Jenner’s Instagram, you can see all of the photos. Jenner wore a white body-con dress to the dinner, revealing her late-pregnancy style for the first time.

Jenner did not say when her baby shower took place, although it was most likely last month. The family celebrated it, according to TMZ, on Dec. 14. Khloé Kardashian threw the party at her home, according to multiple sources at the time. “We’re told it was mainly low-key, with Kylie’s family, including her nieces and nephews; and a few close pals in attendance”. This according to TMZ.

In the aftermath of the Astroworld festival catastrophe, where hundreds were injured and ten were killed, Jenner has kept a quiet profile on social media. She did, however, reach a huge milestone this week, reaching 300 million Instagram followers. She is now the second most popular person on Twitter, and the first woman to reach the 300 million follower mark.

Jenner never revealed her due date, despite the fact that she was a few months along in her pregnancy when People reported it in late August.

Jenner did admit in her Vogue 73 Questions video that she and Travis are keeping the baby’s gender a secret even from one other. “Well, we needed to know the gender first [before deciding on a name], so we opted to wait,” she explained.