Hilary Duff Goes Bare for ‘Women’s Health’!

Hilary Duff is revealing everything for the May/June 2022 Body issue of Women’s Health magazine!

The 34-year-old actress discussed her decision to strip down for the issue; as well as the Lizzie McGuire reboot, therapy, and other topics.

In discussions for a Disney+ Lizzie McGuire reboot, I pushed for a more mature adult Lizzie; “She had to be 30 years old doing 30-year-old things”. She didn’t have to do bong rips and one-night stands all the time, but it had to be genuine. “I believe they were startled.”

“We bust our asses to get our bodies in shape and to look the best we can”; she says of her challenge to not miss a therapy appointment. We get facials, Botox, our hair done, highlights, brows, lash lifts, and all that nonsense. But I’d rather work on the inside. That is the most critical component of the system.”

“I’m proud of my body,” she says of her extremely deliberate decision to bare all for this Women’s Health cover. I’m proud that it’s given me three children. I’ve reached a point where I’m content with the changes my body has undergone. I also want people to know that a makeup artist was present, putting glow all over my body; and that I was placed in the most flattering position.”

“It would be stupid of me not to know that I have a sweet spot playing that relatable girl”; she says of the appeal of her easy familiarity as an actress. “I am that young lady.”