J Balvin’s video taken down due to misogyny

Tokischa’s cooperation with J Balvin is absent.

The music video for “Perra” was taken down from YouTube after backlash from critics. They claimed it was insulting and disrespectful to Black women.

The video, created by Raymi Paulus, shows the Colombian rapper leading two Black women on leashes with their faces painted to seem like dogs.

In the video, Tokischa, a Black woman, also poses on all fours inside a doghouse.

The video was taken down on Sunday, October 17th, for an undisclosed reason. At this time, YouTube just has a reaction video.

Colombian Vice President Marta Luca Ramrez and Presidential Counselor for Women’s Equality Gheidy Gallo Santos said in a joint statement last week, that the rapper “uses images of women and people of African descent. A population group with special constitutional protection to whom he presents with dog ears.”