Janet Jackson on the ‘New York Times’ Documentary

Janet Jackson is reportedly refusing to participate in a documentary by the New York Times on her 2004 Super Bowl halftime show performance.

The outlet, which also released the documentary Framing Britney Spears during the #FreeBritney movement, released Malfunction. The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson last week to explore the fallout from the Justin Timberlake incident; and the “Control” pop icon is reportedly not interested in associating herself.

Wayne Scot Lukas, her former stylist who designed the Super Bowl costume, told Page Six that she isn’t interested.

“She doesn’t want the documentary to be shown anymore”. She didn’t ask for a documentary on ‘Free Janet’. He stated, “She isn’t interested.”

He said she declined to feature in the documentary and advised others not to do so as well.

“She requested that we refrain from doing so. He went on to say, “She wants to tell her own tale.”

Janet will star in her own documentary series in 2022.

“They’ll talk about it, and she’ll have the last say.” I don’t know what her final decision will be; all I know is that I need to be aware of my tale, and I’ve been loyal for 18 years,” he continued.