Jesse Williams’ Broadway Show Installs Security System!

Jesse Williams’ Broadway show is causing quite a stir.

An illegal recording of the 40-year-old actor’s full frontal nude scene from his Broadway show Take Me Out was posted online earlier this week.

The company behind Take Me Out, Second Stage Theater, recently issued a statement condemning the audience member for taking and leaking the video; but they are now taking extra precautions to ensure that something like this never happens again.

Before the video was leaked, theatergoers were required to lock their phones; to prevent people from photographing and filming the actors naked on stage.

A spokesperson for the venue told Deadline on Wednesday (May 11) that they have installed an infrared camera system; facing the audience that will be monitored in real time by the venue’s security team.

The newly installed security camera system will allow the venue to zero in on suspicious activity. If anyone is caught filming the show, they will be asked to leave and the footage will be deleted.

Second Stage stated earlier this week that they are working to have the videos and photos removed from the Internet.