Jessie J Opens Up About Her Miscarriage

Jessie J has some extremely terrible news to share.

On Wednesday, the 33-year-old singer uploaded a photo of herself posing with a pregnancy test on social media (November 24).

Jessie revealed in the article that she was secretly pregnant but had just miscarried.

“ ‘Seriously, how am I going to get through my show in LA tomorrow night without announcing the entire crowd I’m pregnant?’ I joked with a buddy yesterday morning. I was dreading the prospect of getting through the gig without collapsing by yesterday afternoon… “After my third scan, I was told there was no longer a heartbeat,” she captioned the photo.

“I’m also aware that millions of women around the world have experienced this and far worse. I feel a sense of belonging to both those I know and those I don’t. It’s the most lonely feeling on the planet. So, LA, I’ll see you tonight. Even if I don’t break as many jokes, my heart will be in the room.”