floyd mayweather bodyguard

Job Requirements to Be a Floyd Mayweather Bodyguard

It is kind of unusual to see the greatest boxer alive with one of the best security teams in the world. Never seen as a measure of fear from Floyd Mayweather, his fame and the ridiculous amount of cash and jewelry that he takes with him every day, makes him a potential target for a robbery.

The actual team of 5 bodyguards is made 5 five big dudes, with an average of 7ft (2.1m) tall each and 1,470 pound (667 kg) of weight in total. In case you meet these criteria and you pass the first interview, you will be explained your job duties which are as follow.

Money Bag

Floyd like to take everywhere his duffel bag, which carry inside from 60,000 USD to 250,000 USD and sometimes much much more than that. Being part of security team also means to keep a constant eye on the money bag.


Due to his records on the ring, Floyd Mayweather have secured a good life . When you posses these kind of money, one of the things that cross your mind is traveling. He owns 2 private jets, one for himself and one for his bodyguards. Everyjob has its perks and this one kind of speak for himself.

Protect the Client

The last and the most important duty of a bodyguard is to protect his client. But in these case, most of the time the job is to do what Floyd asks. One time he needed some chicken wings as he was buying a new watch and one time he will ask to beat the shit out of a guy. So get ready to be open for a vary various daily tasks.

The payment is good to say the least, as sometimes his bodyguards receive bonus rewards like a rolex watch and a mercedes benz. The salary is a good 150,000 USD that will assure you a good life.