Justin Timberlake’s apology after viral dancing video!

Justin Timberlake has apologized.

Over the weekend, the 41-year-old “Cry Me a River” musician performed at the Something in the Water music festival in Washington, D.C., where he attempted to do the “Beat Ya Feet” dance.

Footage from the event quickly went viral, with many people mocking his moves on social media. And he’s finally speaking up.

“D.C. I’d like to apologize for two reasons: here and here “On his Instagram Story, he started by flipping the camera and pointing it at his feet.

“I had a long conversation with both of them and told them not to do that to me again. Perhaps it was the khakis… I’m going to compensate you. I’m going to concentrate on these two guys right now and get them right. I adore you all “He went on.

He then shared some fan parodies of the dance (including the one shown above), writing, “Nailed it.”