Katy Perry’s new non-alcoholic aperitif line!

At the official launch party, Katy Perry is holding a bottle of her new non-alcoholic aperitif, De Soi.

On Thursday night (July 28), the 37-year-old singer attended the party on the rooftop of HEIMAT in Los Angeles;with business partner Morgan McLachlan.

De Soi (de-swa) aperitifs are a sophisticated substitute for alcohol that has better ingredients;feel-good natural adaptogens, low calories, and no refined sugar. They are inspired by the French philosophy of pleasure with restraint.

De Soi is French and stands for restrained pleasure, according to Katy, who said this at the event. Juggling all the spinning plates is a delicate balance if you’re a matriarch, as so many of us are. Every now and then, especially from Monday through Thursday, it’s nice to have a different option; that can still provide us with a sensual, elegant, sophisticated, and occasionally complex experience. It’s wonderful to have everyone here to discuss this novel category, which we are proud to advance further.