Here are 7 Masks of Lady Gaga From the 2020 MTV VMAs

You know the queen of changes Lady Gaga, she loves to take everything like a competition and in this case no one can challenge her.  Each year at the MTV Video Music Awards she liked  to stand out from the crowd and this year with all the Corona situation we thought that Gaga would step down a little bit. But we sure were not prepared at all with what had to come. Her performance was so unusual but perfect in every possible way. Her message was “Be nice. Mask up!” and we all say at once “Yes mam, we will do that”! I just need to go and buy her masks or learn how to make them. Lady Gaga’s stylist? Need a little help over here please!

During the 2020 MTV Music Awards, broadcasted on August 30, 2020 Lady Gaga won The Artist of the Year award. She was dressed like an angel with wings and even angels needs their personal silver color mask!

Lady Gaga performs on stage during MTVs Video Music Awards and we can totally see how much fun and safety she is having. How can you sing with that mask on? For real I can’t explain how.

Lady Gaga won the Best Collaboration award for “Rain On Me” song with Ariana Grande performing on stage during MTVs. We can see that even her dress screams – Rain On Colors!

Lady Gaga won again the Song of The Year award for “Rain On Me”. Dressed in a perfectly green long dress, like a princess. But her mask was with horns so the princess turned a little rebellious at the end.

Lady Gaga attends the 2020 MTVs MusIC Video Awards and she wears a silver dress with a bubble mask. Or a fish bowl? This is how some funny fans describe her mask! I mean we can see how serious her devotion is!

She stepped up the game with this one. Gaga sparkled on stage in a  silver sequined face mask. Oh I forgot she put some serious pads on her shoulder to double raise them. Not strange at all is just Lady Gaga.

A beautiful photo with all her little babies that she won. Rock and Roll Gaga and don’t change!