Lady Gaga defends her Italian accent

Lady Gaga discusses her accent in Gucci’s House of Gucci.

After receiving backlash from some fans and a dialect coach who worked on the film for her Italian accent, the 35-year-old actress spoke with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show about the accent she selected to play Patrizia Reggiani.

“There’s this sense that method acting is weird, and that we’re crazy,” she began, addressing the topic of method acting. “However, I believe that those of us who commit ourselves to method acting on a cellular level have something in us that is just fully committing ourselves to the art.”

“That we’re totally immersed in this immersive experience,” Gaga added. I feel it when I sing, when I compose music, and when I act.”

“It was easy for me to stay in character all the time,” Gaga stated about her accent. When I dialed my mother’s number, I dialed my father’s number.”

“It allowed me to feel familiar with speaking in a way that would be natural to me,” she said of living her normal life with the accent between takes, “much like singing, like a musical instrument or a muscle.” “… That’s not to suggest it’s the best way to do it; it’s just how I do it.”