late night shows home edition by silvi fort

Top 3 Late Night Shows “Home Edition” that are going viral

The whole entertainment business is taking a hit from the global pandemic. As the work from home policy keeps building up on different levels, late night hosts live Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert said “why not”.

Here is how the top 3 Late Night Shows are handling the situation:

Number 3 : The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon/ Home Edition

Jimmy Fallon,The Tonight Show, has published three episodes of his home edition special.

Jokes aside, Fallon addressed his audience on the reason why we should keep going by saying:  “The show must go on is kind of the thing that we learned back when I did ‘SNL. I was thinking about everything, and the last time I felt something like this was probably on 9/11. At that time I was on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and I looked at the late-night hosts, Jay Leno Conan O’Brien and David Letterman, to see what they were doing. I’m so happy that they were there for me.

“I remember Letterman saying that it’s a time right now to be courageous and he said sometimes pretending to be courageous is just as good. And my wife reminded me of that quote. And so I said, ‘Yeah, we should do something. I have to do something.”

From recorded applause to interruption by his kids, Jimmy, keeps making fun of isolation. Loyal to his habits to involve the viewers, he started the hashtag #MyQuarantineInSixWord in his twitter account. The episodes keep the classic structure of the Late Night with a monologue and interviewing a special guest.

The home edition interviews are made through online applications like facetime. The perspective of the public, on their favourite public figures, is interesting as now we get to see their homes and hear them talk about daily stuff.

Since major development, advertisement and personal promotions are not at the centre of these interviews, they can feel this friendly and close aspect of each guest in an unprecedented way.

Number 2: The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah

Trevor is broadcasting from his home in New York City. In the first episodes of the self-quarantined daily show, he talks about the latest updates regarding the pandemic and making fun of the new limited lifestyle.

He said: ‘We don’t know if we’ll go back to the studio and I don’t think any of you know any different. Coronavirus has changed everyone’s life. And so what we’ve decided to do is make The Daily Show from our homes. Not just my home but everyone’s home. So the producers, the writers, the directors, the graphics producers, we’re all just going to chill at home and use the technology we have to try and make a show.’

Even if you are not a fan of this genre, but you want to laugh, this video should enter your must watch list.

Number 1: The Light Show with Stephen Clob-Air

Another top-rated late night like the Late Show with Stephen Colbert has switched to “home edition” due to the prevention measures against getting infected . He gradually went from no audience at the Ed Sullivan Theatre to “home alone” edition.

Now, his famous monologue, starts by indicating the gravity of the situation, leaving aside everything that was going on previously, like the Democratic primaries election, which was one of the main events on the news. Colbert said: “We’re all in this together. No red states or blue states. Just 50 anxious, pale states. This is a crisis that we have to face together. By staying as far apart as possible.”

Despite his known anti-government rhetoric, Colbert urges his audience, directly and indirectly, to follow the official instructions of social distancing and to apply as much as possible the self quarantine measures. Of course we will not let aside the jokes about shortage of toilet paper, beach crowds by unworried citizens in Florida and the downfall the porn industry had , do to reasonable limitation of new productions.

The comedy aspect of the show gives the producer and the host the right amount of flexibility to keep the audience satisfied. Promoting the common values, information, sarcastic criticism of the authorities and making jokes are the main pillars of the format that look like they still stand in the new updated “show from home”.