Logan Paul’s discovery about the $3.5M Pokemon cards!

After making his purchase and flying to Chicago to have them certified, the 26-year-old influencer and boxer shared the news with his admirers on YouTube.

Logan posted a video of the cards being unboxed and de-authenticated with the latest release. It turned out that the cards in the sets he had bought were G.I. Joe cards.

Logan and Bolillo Lajan San, a well-known card collector, met with the Baseball Card Exchange in Chicago to determine whether or not the cards were genuine.

After examining the boxes, one of the card authenticators commented, “We were all tricked.”

Logan may be heard exclaiming about the unboxing, “Oh my God, bro!” “Are you a G.I. JOE fan?” Isn’t it G.I. JOE?! “Anything could have happened.”

“This thing is f***ing insane and it stinks, and I’m out three and a half million dollars,” he continued.

Bolillo Lajan San told TMZ after the video that he had “reimbursed Logan his 3.5.”

“However, in the coming days, we’ll see how quickly I’m made whole from the sellers who brought it to me already authenticated, or if it becomes a drawn-out scenario.”