Mac Miller’s Friends on Late Rapper’s 30th Birthday!

Mac Miller told Rolling Stone a month before he died that he’d been working out, living truthfully, and letting go of things he couldn’t control in an interview published a month before he died.

Mac was nearing a mature and self-assured phase of his life at the age of 26,; which is commonly linked with the thirties. He was about to embark on a tour with his good buddy and fellow musician Thundercat; and he was working on some of his most ambitious compositions ever. Above all, he appeared to be content.

After Mac’s death in September 2018, Ty Dolla $ign told Rolling Stone, “Nobody that I know can say anything bad about him”.

Indeed, stories and tributes to Miller’s kindness, brightness, and generosity abound on the internet; from putting up developing artists on his major tours to throwing memorable birthday parties for himself and others. On what would have been Mac’s 30th birthday, his friends and colleagues sign this digital birthday card with their wishes and memories of him.