Most common animal phobias

Did you know that some people feel just as uncomfortable around chickens as spiders? It is far more common to have an irrational fear for creepier animals though.

Here are some of the most common animal phobias:

6. Cats (Ailurophobia)

Those of you who love cats may wonder who wouldn’t want to spend their lives around cats. Some people choose not to hang out with cats, but others have a real fear of cats, called ailurophobia. The fear of cats can develop from a traumatic incident such as being attacked by a cat, but the condition is also psychological in nature. Specific phobias tend to develop between the ages of 7 and 11, though they can form at any age.

5. Birds (Ornithophobia)

Watching Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, “The Birds”, is enough to leave anyone a little bit frightened. However, ornithophobia does seem like a rather irrational fear to have, birds don’t sting, they aren’t venomous, they don’t eat humans and they only ever nick your chips at Cleethorpes, so why is it such a common fear? Many fears result in a negative experience with the feared stimulus at a young age, so while a seagull nicking your chips at the seaside can seem quite a funny experience when you’re an adult, it can be quite a terrifying one as a child, leaving a lasting impression on a person.

4. Mice (Musophobia)

Musophobia, or the fear of mice and rats. In many cases the cause of a musophobia, is the result of a socially induced conditioned response , you might have seen your parents or someone you know jump at the sight of a mouse, so this behavior has stuck with you. It could also be a result of the speed at which a mouse or rat moves, obtaining the startle response.

3. Wasps (Spheksophobia)

It is summer time, you’re having a lovely picnic and that one family member starts waving because a wasp is buzzing around their head. Spheksophobia, or the fear of wasps, is an extremely common phobia, and it’s easy to see why people are so scared of wasps. If you’ve ever been stung by a wasp you know how much it hurts, not to mention the fact they can do it multiple times.

2. Snakes (Ophidiophobia)

Ophidiophobia, or the fear of snakes, is another popular phobia, so much so that even Indiana Jones was terrified of the slithering reptiles. Again, it’s thought that the fear of snakes has had its evolutionary advantageous, and anthropologists have even suggested that the need to notice snakes in the wild, may have led early primates to develop better vision and larger brains.

1. Spiders (Arachnophobia)

Why are so many people afraid of spiders? You see a spider from the corner of your eye, what is the first thing you do, jump and scream like a little girl. Arachnophobia is the fear of Arachnids, typically spiders. It’s so general, that up to 50% of women and 18% of men suffer from the phobia. But why are we so afraid of these cute creepy monsters?