Naked Jared Leto Reveals What He Does

Jared Leto is talking about his family life.

On Wednesday, the 49-year-old House of Gucci star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (November 24).

Jared discussed his new film during his presence, and joked that Ellen is his lucky charm because he won the Academy Award for Dallas Buyers Club when she hosted the ceremony.

He also disclosed that he used to work at a movie theater before being fired for selling marijuana out the back door. In addition, he discussed rock climbing with his coach, Free Solo star Alex Honnold.

Later, the two played “Burning Questions,” a game that included some amusing questions such as asking Jared three things he performs when naked.

“I go to sleep. I consume food. I frequently eat naked… He said, “The third thing is probably making…whoopee.”

Keep an eye on him!