New set Photos reveal a Major ‘Sex & the City’ Spoiler!

Before you look through the pictures we’ve put together, be aware that there will be spoilers!

And Just Like That…, HBO Max’s new Sex and the City revival, has been filming for months, and stunning new photographs from the set were released last night, sending fans into a frenzy.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie was spotted kissing Jon Tenney, an actor whose part in And Just Like That… has yet to be revealed, in the images shot on Wednesday night (October 20). The photographs were taken on New York City’s streets, and they’re swiftly becoming viral.

These images are essential because Carrie is supposed to be married to Big in the series (Chris Noth). Fans are now wondering whether they will divorce or whether Big will pass away. As shown in these set photographs from earlier this month, Big and Carrie will undoubtedly appear together on the show.