New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas

New Year’s Eve brings on a myriad of feelings, yet the most popular ones are normally centered around what to wear for the special occasion and how to wear it. Makeup looks worn for NYE over the years have changed with current beauty trends, but do you really need to go all out with your makeup in order to have a successful night? If your approach to beauty is simple and relaxed, there are plenty of makeup looks you can wear that don’t require hours upon hours to perfect. We’ve rounded up a list of NYE makeup looks that you don’t have to be a pro to pull off; you won’t be able to wait till the end of the year before trying these out.

Laminated Skin for New Year’s

Ugh, Yara Shahidi (and her face) can do no wrong. Take a cue from her glowy, reflective lips/skin/eyes/brows and copy the laminated-eyebrow trend, then paste it…everywhere else, too. Prep with a rich face cream, slick on a high-shine lip gloss, and then dab an eyeshadow balm over your lids.

Halo Eyeshadow for New Year’s Eve

Also known as “spotlight” eyes, halo eyeshadow gives your eyes a super-large, super-round effect by strategically blending darker eyeshadow on the inner and outer edges of your eyelid, then dabbing a light, shimmery eyeshadow on the center of your eyelid and crease. It’s hella pretty and glamorous, yet surprisingly easy to copy.

Copper Cat-Eyes

So these brushed-out curls are worth of a party on their own, but when paired with smokey, hazy copper eyes and a little hint of floating eyeliner? You’ve got yourself a v cool New Year’s Eve look. Just blend an iridescent orange eyeshadow over your lids, then draw a thin wing with gold liquid eyeliner on the outer corners of your eyes, then dab a dot on the inner corners. Trust me it’ll look stellar in the end.

Classic Red Lips and Big Lashes

Behold: The ultimate OG party look of red lipstick with thick, fluttery false eyelashes. We <3 a classic. To keep the look feeling modern, look for a red lipstick with a semi-matte finish (instead of a high-shine finish), then load on a pair of lengthening lashes for max impact.

Softly Smoked Wings

Part smokey eye, part graphic liner, and part cat-eye, this New Year’s eyeliner look is all of the best things, all at once. Even though it might seem impossible to recreate at home, it’s surprisingly simple: Just draw the Vs with a black kohl eyeliner, then softly smudge the inside of the lines to create a hazy inner shadow.

Shimmery Inner Eyes

2020’s trend of inner-corner eyeshadow is only getting stronger for 2021, so copy the two-toned trend by patting an opaque layer of holographic eyeshadow over the inner third of your eyelids, keeping the rest of your shadow neutral or not! It’s New Year’s Eve, baby; do whatever TF you want.

Jet-Black Smokey Eyes

Okay, can we just marvel for a moment at the pure SMOKINESS of these smokey eyes? Like, this is makeup sorcery at its finest—layers upon layers of Laura Mercier’s Caviar Eyeshadow Stick in Tuxedo, gently blended out to give the illusion of jet-black, burnin’ smoke. Yes to all of this for your New Year’s Eve makeup.

Graphic Eyeliner

The coolest thing about graphic eyeliner? It looks stupid-hard, but is actually really, really easy to create. And, considering everyone else’s holiday or New Year’s makeup will probably be some subtle shade of black, you’ll automatically score cool points just for trying this look. Just trace your upper lash line with a red or colored eyeliner, then extend the line straight to the edge of your brow. Swoop it up and under your brow bone, and boom you just mastered this trend.

Holographic Eyes

Holographic highlighter? Meh. Holographic eyeshadow? Insanely pretty and cool for the New Year, or for any of your holiday outings this season. In this pic, model Josie Lane is wearing Nabla Cosmetics eyeshadow in Alchemy—a ~celestial~ shade with teal and pink reflective pigments. Blend it all over your lids and brow bone, and you’ll be set for any party.

Jewel-Tone Eye

If you do, in fact, love a good jewel-toned makeup look (um, same), then copy Camilla Belle’s teal-aqua-eyeshadow hybrid. It’s gonna take a lot of layers and even more blending, but try layering on a few shades from a green-toned eyeshadow palette, across your lids and ringed around your eye for a smoked-out teal finish.

Golden New Year’s Skin

Even if you weren’t genetically #blessed with the truly perfect skin of model Chey Maya (ugh), you can still recreate her golden glow for New Year’s. This super-easy holiday makeup look was created by makeup artist Nam Vo, who used pure sorcery and a swipe of gold highlighter along the cheekbones.