Non Famous People Who Look Like Celebrity Twins

Have you walked around and find someone who looks exactly like your friend? Or even yourself? It is a strange feeling when you understand you are not alone. At least is one person who may be our doppelganger or twin. Here are some examples that look so much like celebrities is scary.

Jennifer Lopez and Janice Garay

Janice Garay took a lot of attention from media for her photos posted on instagram. She is a 28 year old bodybuilder from Texas and we can totally see her forms. Jennifer you have a twin so take a look!

Selena Gomez and Sofia Solares

Sofia is 22 years old from Mexico and she looks so much like Selena it’s scary. All of her posts are filled with comments from Selena’s fans. Sofia says that she loves Selena and is happy about the comments that she gets. But she always is true to herself by saying: “I always try to be myself. I say it’s okay to look like her, but I do not want to lose myself for trying to be someone I’m not,”.

Gigi Hadid and Iza IJzerman

Iza is a Dutch model and her beautiful features are known from everyone. She is compared as the famous model Gigi Hadid and a post said : “The new curvy Gigi Hadid,”. In one interview Iza said that she thinks she looks more like Bella. Well they are sisters in the end of the day.

Lady Gaga and Amethyst Rose

Rose has some striking features that are admirable for everyone. In her Instagram bio is written: “If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look like Lady Gaga, I’d be Very  rich,” so we can see that she accepts it very well. I mean it’s Lady Gaga people!

Ed Sheeran and Ty Jones

It is really confusing and scary how much they look alike. Jones is like his twin and even calls himself as “Ed’s Evil Twin”. The reason is because he is so repeatedly mistaken as Sheeran is tiring. People stop him in the road want to take pictures with him and for Jones it is a crazy situation. So basically he is living 2 lifes sometimes.

Ariana Grande and Paige Niemann

Paige is a TikTok influencer that took fame more because she resembles to Ariana Grande so much is unbelievable. Even Ariana’s famous ponytail, makeup everything is the same. Nothing strange over here, nothing at all!

Emma Watson and Megan Flockhart

Megan can totally play the role on “Beauty and the Beast” or Harry Potter character and nobody will notice the difference.  In one interview she said: “As much as I’d love to believe I am her doppelganger, as she’s gorgeous and an idol of mine, I am myself at the end of the day. But I have similar traits to my idol and that’s awesome,”.

Katy Perry and Francesca Brown

Francesca is an actress and she resembles so much to Katy Perry that is costing her jobs. She don’t know the reason but on auditions everyone compares her with the famous singer, on the road people want to take pictures with her and is so crazy she can’t believe it.  In an interview she said: “Although looking like Katy made the acting harder for me, it hasn’t stopped me. I believe in myself as an actress and I know I have what it takes. I mean there’s Zooey Deschanel as well, and they get mistaken, and I think that people can take both of them. So there can be Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry, and me,”.