Olivia Munn opens up about her breastfeeding struggles

Olivia Munn discusses one “difficult” aspect of her parental journey.

Nearly two months after adopting son Malcom with partner John Mulaney last October, the X-Men; Apocalypse star, 41, told up about her nursing struggles.

“Breastfeeding is soooo hard, especially if you have poor supply,” Olivia wrote on her Instagram Story on Jan. 19.

She described how she is attempting to address the issue by stating, “I’ve taken a million vitamins, innumerable teas, lozenges, and tinctures, and worked with two lactation consultants in the first eight weeks. Breastfeeding is difficult.”

The actress also shared a photo of her cute puppy cuddling with her cushion on another slide. “At least my breastfeeding pillow is getting some use,” she joked.

Olivia, on the other hand, is aware that she is not alone. “Any other mums taking all, Lactating can be difficult, according to more than half of the respondents.

Olivia hasn’t been shy about sharing glimpses of her life as a new mother. Olivia revealed last week that her mother knitted a comfortable pair of “Bernie Sanders’ mittens” for Malcom, whom she refers to as “the smooshiest smoosh.”

She also shared heartwarming New Year’s and Christmas Eve moments with Malcom, including photos of her family bonding while baking bánh bao.

In December, John, who filed for divorce from wife Anna Marie Tendler in July, shared the first photo of his baby. He commented at the time, “He has his whole life ahead of him.” “He hasn’t even attempted seltzer. I’m completely enamored with him and his entire situation. Best wishes for the holidays.”