Prince Harry Receives an Apology

An apology is on the way for Prince Harry.

According to People, private investigator Gavin Burrows apologized in the BBC documentary The Princess and the Press, which examines the prince and his brother Prince William’s relationship with the media.

“I was basically part of a group of people that robbed him of his normal teenage years,” he acknowledged, adding that Harry was dubbed “the new [Princess] Diana” by editors.

The PI also claimed to have targeted the royal’s previous lover Chelsy Davy; whom he dated for six years on and off until 2011.

“There was a lot of voicemail hacking going on. A lot of surveillance work on her phones, on her comms,” says the source. “When Chelsy was going to see him, she would gloat to her friends,” he admitted.

He also admitted to looking through Davy’s medical records to see if she had any sexually transmitted infections or abortions.

“I was greedy, I was into my cocaine, and I was living in a fake state of grandeur,” the private investigator stated, adding that he acted in this manner “because I was greedy, I was into my cocaine, and I was living in a phony state of grandeur.”