R. Kelly has been convicted of sex trafficking

The jury has reached a decision in the case of R. Kelly, who was accused of leading a sex trafficking ring.

The 54-year-old producer was convicted guilty of nine charges of sex trafficking and racketeering, according to The New York Times.

After nine hours of discussion, the jury returned and found him guilty of the violations, having started deliberations on Friday afternoon. He now faces a lengthy prison sentence.

He “sat immobile in the courtroom as he was found guilty of all nine counts of racketeering and sex-trafficking accusations against him,” according to the New York Times. A mask obscured his facial expression.”

In July of this year, R. Kelly was arrested on 11 counts of severe sexual abuse in a case involving four women. Three of the ladies were children at the time of the alleged abuse.

He was also accused of bribery, kidnapping, forced labor, and manufacturing child pornography, as well as purposefully infecting some accusers with a sexually transmitted disease.

He previously denied any wrongdoing in relation to the allegations.

R. Kelly was reportedly assaulted in jail while awaiting his trial.