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Rita Ora / How to be an exceptional artist in different industries

Everyone who decide to take the path of becoming a superstar with their art, knows that it is not an easy or comfy road. Talent and hard work are the main and most important values and principles of a successful musician, singer, actor, painter, writer ect ect. Rita Ora, the British singer with Albanian origin, is part of an exclusive group of artist that succeeded in different fields of the entertainment business.


Rita is one of the most famous singer in the British billboards. Her first climb to the top was with the single “Hot Right Now” and the success was eminent with the coming world class hits like “R.I.P” and “How We Do”. Her recent project is the single “How To Be Lonely” released on March 13 and it look like that these days, the song feels more actual than ever.

Tv Shows

On the other hand, the music industry isn`t enough for Rita. Her many project on television programs and high budget movies is the proof. British reality singing competition, The Masked Singer, where Rita is one of the four judges, was a major success. The show have as participant 12 celebrities which are identified with stage names like fox, tree and pharaoh. The contestants battle each-other with performances as from episode to episode they reveal themselves.

Of course you can not be a judge of celebrities without proper credentials. Started as guest judge in the X Factor UK and coach on the Voice UK, she have the perfect CV for the job. But a career on television is not accomplished without hosting something big. America`s Next Top Model and 2017 MTV Europe Music Award at Wembley Arena are a big check on that too.


On the big screen, Rita`s role on the British drama film Twist, is her latest project. The film is based on the famous novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Obviously the acting career didn`t start here, as she had her first role, in 2004, in the crime film Spivs, where she played Rosanna at the age of 13. Than a small appearance in the blockbuster sequel Fast & Furious 6, Mia Grey role in the sensational Fifty Shades of Grey and the urban fantasy film Detective Pikachu role as Dr. Ann Laurent, is a decent successful acting career.

So from an international music artist, a judge of celebrities and a movie star is getting hard to identify Rita`s talent, as she is brilliant in every project. On the human level, Rita is always part of solidarity campaigns for major social and health issues around the world.