Sandra Bullock Explains Her Upcoming Acting Break!

Sandra Bullock previously stated that she will be taking a break from acting, and she reiterated that sentiment in a new interview.

The Oscar winner recently released her rom-com The Lost City, and she has a small role in Brad Pitt’s new film Bullet Train, which will be released in theaters in August. That could be her last appearance on the big screen for a while, and she’s not sure when she’ll return.

Sandra explained why she’s taking a break in a new interview with THR.

“I don’t want to be held to anyone else’s schedule but my own,” she explained. “I’m completely exhausted. I’m so tired, and I know I’m not capable of making healthy, wise decisions.”

Sandra replied, “I really don’t know how long the break will last.”

“Work has always been consistent for me, and I’ve been extremely fortunate.” I realized it was possibly becoming a crutch for me. It was like constantly opening the fridge to look for something that was never in the fridge. ‘Stop looking for it here because it doesn’t exist here,’ I told myself. You already have it; establish it, find it, and be content with not having work to validate yourself,’ she added.

According to sources, Paramount Pictures would love to make a sequel to The Lost City with Sandra.