Sarah Hyland describes her connection to “Love Island”!

Sarah Hyland is talking openly about her new role as Love Island USA’s host!

On Wednesday, July 20, in New York City, the actress, age 31, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Sarah talked about how she and her fiancé Wells Adams have been engaged for the past three years and how they both enjoy bologna. Then, a question about how she got involved with Love Island was posed to her.

“So they just gave me a call. The venerable Peacock called and inquired of me. I responded, “Yes!” I appreciate it so much, Peacock. I obviously enjoy watching dating reality TV. I’m a peacock fan. ideal performance for the peacock, “said Sarah. “And the individuals on it are absolutely gorgeous. I was unable to stop gazing. I believed HR would take issue with me. couldn’t stop focusing on the competitors.”

Sarah recently outlined her reasons for still debating whether to adopt her fiance’s last name after their nuptials.