Scott Disick has a Strategy in Place

Scott Disick is analyzing Kourtney Kardashian’s recent engagement to Travis Barker, according to a source, and how he is managing it moving forward.

Scott’s next measures, according to a source, will be “distancing himself from the family.”

“Scott didn’t want to deal with Travis and Kourtney because he didn’t think he had to,” a source told People. “At first, it appeared to him that it was only a casual connection, nothing significant. As a result, he effectively silenced it. Hasn’t been putting much thought into it, assuming that they’d break up eventually.”

“But that didn’t happen,” the insider said, “and now he’s being forced to deal with it, which is uncomfortable.” He understands that he must lean into the discomfort and push through it. He recognizes that it is neither Kourtney’s or Travis’ responsibility to make him feel better about this. It’s his duty, and if he’s going to co-parent with Kourtney, which he has, he needs to understand and accept this.”

“This is not about them, it’s not about Kourtney,” the source said of his distance from the Kardashians. It’s about him wanting some space and time to digest and cope with things on his own, apart from them. “I’m sure he’ll come around.”

After the news emerged, Scott’s name quickly became a trending topic.