Second Stage Theater on leaked Jesse Williams’ video!

The Second Stage theater is responding to the viral video leak.

An illegal recording of Jesse Williams’ full frontal nude scene; from his Broadway show Take Me Out posted online earlier this week.

Theater goers should lock their phones prior to the performance; in order to prevent people from taking photos and videos of the actors naked on stage.

However, it appears that someone sneaked in a phone and recorded the 40-year-old actor naked on stage.

The Second Stage theater issued a statement condemning the person who recorded the video on Tuesday (May 10).

“Second Stage Theater has worked to ensure the ‘Take Me Out’ company’s privacy by creating a phone-free space; with locked phone cases at all performances,” the theater wrote on Twitter. “We are outraged that this policy was broken and that unauthorized footage of our acting company was posted.”

The statement went on; “Unfortunately, in this case, one audience member chose to disrespect the production, their fellow audience members, and, most importantly, the cast. Taking naked pictures of anyone without their consent is extremely offensive and can result in serious legal consequences.”

Second Stage ended their statement by stating that they are working to remove the videos and photos from the Internet.

“Posting it on the internet is a gross and unacceptable violation of the trust forged in the theater community between the actor and the audience,” the statement said. “We are actively pursuing takedown requests, and we request that no one participate in the distribution of these image3s. Second Stage is also increasing its theater staff to enforce the policy.”