Serena Williams Responds to Her Wimbledon Loss!

Serena Williams is speaking out just hours after losing the 2022 Wimbledon Championship.

If you missed it, the 40-year-old tennis star was defeated by France’s Harmony Tan after only one match.

Harmony won the match 10-7 after more than three hours of play and a 10-point deciding-set tiebreak.

Following her loss, Serena took to Instagram to share an encouraging message with her fans.

Serena wrote alongside a photo of herself waving to the crowd, “That was absolutely insane and intense. Although it was not the desired outcome, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

She continued, “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Onward and upward.”

In a press conference following the match, she also expressed her pride in doing her best for the day.

“Today I gave everything I had, you know, today,” she explained. “Maybe I could have given more tomorrow. Maybe I could have given more a week ago. But that was all I could do today. You must be able to accept that at some point. That’s all I can say. Because I can’t change the time or anything, that was all I could do on this particular day.”