Smarter than the other people? 10 signs that prove you are right

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about how intelligent can humans be? An unexpected idea or just a simple guess ,  sometimes can give us the feeling of a great satisfaction . Deep down we all love to find a little bit of Einstein inside of us.

We at SilviFort found 10 signs that reveal the hidden genius in a person:

1.Feeling bored

 Intelligent people always feel bored while doing everyday things. This often happens because they  have more knowledge and skills than the other ones and cannot spend their time ,intellect when performing mundane tasks. It will be easier to talk with them about abstraction and global topics than about kitchen repairs and property prices.

2. Tend to feel younger than your real age

An interesting fact says that intelligent people feel younger than longer. The higher your intelligence level is in your adolescence the more younger you will feel in your old age. The best example can be Sharon Stone , we can really say that her soul will never get old.  Her IQ is   154 points.

3. Having existential crises

These kind of people often complain of having existential crises. They attempt to find their mission and purpose or in the otherwise they can develop different psychological problems

4. Find hard to build romantic relationships

Being a high intelligent person often can make you feel difficult to fits in with someone. Usually these kind of people end up having relationships with people with a lower IQ than theirs. But this don’t include the high emotionally intelligent people. In fact they tend to be more suitable choices to have happy families.

5. Biting nails

According to the information, intelligent people tend to have harder on giving up over bad habits such as biting one’s nails. This usually indicate increase level of stress in someone’s life and also can indicate them as perfectionists