Some of the Best Investments Celebrities Have Made.

Celebrities may be widely known for the contributions they make to the entertainment and cultural landscape. But some celebrities have hidden investment talents as well. Here are some of the best investments celebrities have made:

8. George Clooney

The actor started Casamigos as a tequila meant for his friends, but it became very successful and Diageo recently acquired it for around $1 billion. “If you asked us four years ago if we had a billion-dollar company, I don’t think we would have said yes,” Clooney told CNBC. Well, at least he’s modest about it.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Austrian-American actor and former governor of California has a long resume. Schwarzenegger has been known for playing it smart when it comes to investing in real estate. By having his hands in many enterprises at once, the once not so rich actor has collected a fortune of $450 million.

6.Will Smith

As if the “Bad Boys for Life” and “Aladdin” actor hadn’t given us enough reasons to like him, here’s one more. Will Smith didn’t just spend his career making his own savvy investments, he also went as far as to launch his own venture capital fund, Dreamers VC. This LA-based fund mostly invests in companies solving social problems, like notable med-tech companies Genome Medical and Nurx.

5.Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has reportedly spent £57m on investing in the property market. The singer, 28, is said to be the owner of 22 residential properties in London and five homes in Suffolk. Sheeran has recently added to his property portfolio by acquiring five properties in the capital, collectively worth in the region of £10m.

4. Ashton Kutcher

This Hollywood actor, best known for starring in the hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men” has made some profitable investments in the tech start-up space, either through direct investments or via his own investment firm called A-Grade Investments. He has invested in companies like Uber, Airbnb, Warby Parker, and even Houzz.

3.Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber isn’t only bringing in the cash from his wildly successful music career. He has also lunched his fragrance and clothing brands. Bieber has also been a successful investor for many years, working with a business manager to make key investments in companies like Spotify, Liquid I.V. and Stamped.


Queen Bey is just one-half of the equation when it comes to the financial success of the Knowles-Carter family. Jay-Z has also made some pretty impressive investments over the years, all of which have led him to an estimated net worth of $1 billion. He launched a music streaming service called TIDAL back in 2014, which is now worth $100 million. But by far Carter’s most impressive investment has to be the Uber stock he purchased for $2 million that’s now worth an estimated $70M.

1.Jessica Alba

The actress known for her many movie roles like “Fantastic Four” “Awake” and “Good Luck Chuck” has also been active in the business world for many years now. She created nontoxic-household-goods Company in 2011. The business began largely as an e-commerce subscription service for diapers and baby wipes but now sells over 100 products. Honest raised $100 million at a $1.7 billion valuation in 2015.