The 12 Best Baroque Architecture in Europe

Baroque architecture developed in Rome in the early 17th century, directly following the Renaissance. Its popularity was directly tied to the Catholic Church . The extravagant style of Catholic Baroque cast a striking contrast to the modest style of protestant churches. It quickly spread from central Italy to France, the Iberian peninsula, and Austria.

Today, it is recognized as one of the major architectural styles in Europe.


One of the best cities to see Baroque architecture is Saint Petersburg, Russia. The former capital of the Russian Empire has a lot of the finest examples of architecture of all the major European styles , but Baroque is one of the most famous ones.


Paris is a lovely city that no architecture lover can ignore. When talking about Parisian architecture the first word that comes to our mind is “Gothic”, however, the city has some incredible Baroque landmarks as well.

Some of the best examples of Baroque in Paris are Les Invalides, Luxemburg Palace and surprisingly, the Louvre Museum! It is true, the east façade of the Louvre museum is a mix of French Baroque and the Italian Baroque style.


Krakow is home to a selection of some grand places of worship. Many of them have mostly Gothic and Romanesque influence ,but there are also Baroque exteriors and interiors .Among the other great Baroque churches located at different points of Krakow’s center include the St. Anne’s, St. Florian’s and St. Andrew’s at the foot of Wawel Hill.


Versailles is the best city to see Baroque architecture in France! Today, Château de Versailles is the best example of Baroque architecture in France. It was designed by Louis Le Vau, a French Classical Baroque architect who worked at the service of the king for the construction of Versailles and other palaces.


Kiev is another city where you can see gorgeous architecture. This may not be the city that flashes to one’s mind when thinking of Baroque but you can see pieces of Baroque mixed with several other styles that are completely contrasting with one another.


Prague is a city full of beauty and elegance and it is considered as the capital of Bohemia. One of the hottest spots in Prague is the old town square. Some of the old town square’s building facades, outer walls, are in the Baroque style. Baroque in a religious building can be discovered in the Strahov Monastery which can be found near the Prague castle.


There are plenty of architectural styles in Madrid, but Baroque is the one that stands out . You can’t visit Madrid and not go and see The Royal Palace, the official residence of the Spanish royal family and one of Europe’s largest palaces.


London is a great city to see Baroque architecture. English architects started to adopt Baroque in the 17th century and it was named English Baroque. There were only a few English Baroque buildings constructed in the earlier part of the 17th century but The Great Fire of London left London as a shell and gave many architects – particularly Sir Christopher Wren free hand to employ Baroque aesthetics during the redesigning of the city.


You may never heard of this city ,but it is also a city full of architecture styles. As you walk down the narrow street leading to the center of the town, the street empties out into the Praza do Obradoiro. On the western side of the square, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela ,comes with a  blend of Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic architecture.


The southern Sicilian city of Noto might have remained forever undiscovered, because of the 1693 earthquake that devastated the eastern coast of the island. The city of Noto was one of the most affected, and it was decided to rebuild it on a new site . This happened to be near the end of the Baroque period, with the result that a whole new town was rapidly built harmonious style from warm, local honey-colored stone.


Three of the most important Baroque buildings in Copenhagen are the Round Tower, Charlottenborg Palace, and the Church of Our Savior. In fact, all three buildings served completely different purposes. Out of the three, the Church of Our Savior is the best example of Baroque architecture in Copenhagen and one of the most recognizable buildings in general.


A few of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Vienna are the St. Charles Church, Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, the Old Vienna City Hall, the Imperial Stables, and many more. Especially the palaces built during that time are important tourist attractions in Vienna today.