The Best Spring Break Movies

Not only, Spring Breakers, starring James Franco and Selena Gomez, is the movie showing that gloriously messy time of year when alcohol flows like water , but there is an entire list of movies that will have you hitting confirm on that booking app for your spring getaway . Either way, here are the best spring break movies to watch to inspire your next trip.

From Justin to Kelly

A college student from Pennsylvania and a waitress from Texas meet during spring break in, Florida and meet up through their common love of singing.


An exclusive behind the scenes look at the infamous Fyre music festival.


Six outsiders’ lives crash in one frantic, dream-pursuing, pitifully heartfelt evening.

Spring Breakdown

Three ladies get-away together at a well-known travel destination for school co-eds on spring break.

American Pie 2

Jim and his companions are currently in school, and they choose to get together at the sea shore house for some good times.

Psycho Beach Party

Chicklet is a sixteen-year old spitfire who’s frantic to be essential for the new aristocracy of Malibu sea shore surfers. She’s the regular American young lady – with the exception of one little issue: her character is parted into a larger number of cuts than a pepperoni pizza.


A group of adolescent lady friends manage their approaching graduation from secondary school.

Spring Breakers

Four school young ladies hold up an eatery to subsidize their spring break excursion. While celebrating, drinking, and doing drugs, they are captured, just to be rescued by a drugs and arms dealer.

Ibiza: Love Drunk

A youthful American lady and her two closest friends search out a hot DJ in Spain.