The Most Iconic Shoe Moments in Movie History

More than 80 years ago, the world was graced with an American classic: The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy helped teach us the importance of good footwear. Since then, there have been many more memorable shoe moments in film. See the best shoe moments in movies throughout the years.

‘ Once Upon A Time In Hollywood ‘

When Margot Robbie played Sharon Tate on Instagram, we were instantly transported to the ’60s thanks to her amazing white go-go boots.

‘Marie Antoinette ‘

To show the extent of Marie Antoinette’s lavish lifestyle, Sofia Coppola , the director created a montage filled with champagne, french pastries, and, yes, plenty of shoes!

‘The Devil Wears Prada’

Because every good fashion makeover starts with thigh-high Chanel boots.

“Are you wearing the Cha—”

“Chanel boots? Yeah, I am.”

‘The Princess Diaries’

Mia changed a lot about herself, but she couldn’t change the one thing ,her school uniform, especially her beloved Dr. Martens.

‘Monsters inc.’

Besides Boo’s heartwarming bond with the furry monster, Sully, her socks were the cutest thing in the movie.

‘Legally Blonde’

Elle Woods had plenty of pink shoes to complete her all-pink looks. But in the end, it was her last season Prada loafers that saved the day and won her the court case.


Cher Horowitz’s knee-high socks from Clueless summed up the ’90s fashion scene perfectly.

‘Forrest Gump’

A pair of 1972 Nike Cortez sneakers, which the company re-released in 2017, was what Forrest Gump running in.

‘Star Wars: Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi’

All fans of Star Wars surely remember Princess Leia’s gold bikini. To complete the look, she wore a pair of gray moccasin boots.

‘Taxi Driver’

Twelve-year-old Jodie Foster became famous for her role as Iris, a child prostitute, and for her red platform sandals.

‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’

Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe wore a monochromatic look in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, right down to their stunning red satin pumps.

‘Alice In Wonderland’

Alice may have been trapped in Wonderland, but her classic black Mary Janes, paired with a pinafore dress and black hair ribbon, are a win.

‘The Wizard Of Oz’

There’s no shoe as iconic as Dorothy’s ruby red slippers.