The Most Iconic Trends of the Past Decade You’ll Never Forget

It’s hard to predict what will happen to all of the biggest fashion trends of the last decade, but we can say that some will inevitably make us cringe, no matter how amazing they seemed when we were wearing them.

Here’s are some of the most iconic style trends of the last decade.

Wedge Sneakers

Wedge sneakers took over everything in the early part of the decade, and many of us have regret jumping on that trend. They’re sneakers with a built-in heel, and while they weren’t as uncomfortable as standard heels, and not nearly as comfortable as actual sneakers.

High Waist Pants and Bathing Suits

High-waist pants became more popular, and even high-waist bikini bottoms became a trend. It seemed like Taylor Swift was leading the charge in the high-waist fashion trend.


Another ’90s accessory that came back in the 2010s was the choker. They’ve been worked into every kind of look from the street style of supermodels to celebrities on the red carpet. 

Stan Smith White Sneakers

In the middle of the decade, the most popular shoes of the moment were the $80 Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. Simple, classic, white lace-up sneakers that were both casual and comfortable completely took over.

Clear Shoes

The plastic-looking Yeezy heels that Kanye West created actually became popular, and went from clear sandals to clear boots. Although this trend gets a lot of attention, it isn’t for everyone. These shoes just look uncomfortable.

Bike Shorts

The 2010s were definitely a return of ’90s fashion and bike shorts were one item that came back into style. Bike shorts were paired with everything from sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt to heels and a crop top. 

Fur-Lined Loafers

When Gucci presented their fur-lined leather loafers, they became a hit. For a while, it was hard to go pretty much anywhere or look at your Instagram feed without spotting these furry loafer.

Tiny Sunglasses

In 2018, Mindy Kaling tweeted, “I think we will regret this tiny sunglass look.” In the early ’00s, the popular style was huge sunglasses – the bigger and rounder the better. But as the 2010s decade went on, they got smaller and smaller.

Mom Jeans

Skinny jeans were one of the biggest trends of the ’00s decade. Fortunately, that changed in the 2010s. Instead of skin-tight jeans, the opposite became popular: mom jeans. Mom jeans are usually high-waisted, baggier, and have a bit of a vintage vibe. We can all agree that they’re a lot more comfortable as well.

Crop Tops

Crop tops came back from the ’90s . It started out innocently enough, but quickly turned more risqué .Crop tops seem to be everywhere, whether they’re being worn casually or in a more formal setting.