The Real Reason For Your Teeth’s Ridges

Look no farther if you’ve ever wondered why some of your teeth have ridges. Mamelons, it turns out, are the little, rounded lumps that appear on the edge of your front teeth (via Healthline). Mamelons are three bumps that arise on newly erupted incisor teeth that appear when your adult teeth are still emerging beneath the gum tissue. Incisors are the upper and lower jaw’s eight front teeth that aid in chewing and biting.

While some dentists feel that mamelons aid in the erupting and breaking through the gums of your incisor teeth, most agree that they have little clinical value. Mamelons, in reality, erode away over time as a result of daily chewing; which can assist to flatten the edges of your teeth. The mamelons on your teeth may, however, remain intact throughout adulthood if you have an open bite or another sort of misalignment (via Healthline).

How to Dispose of Mamelons

You can always have them removed in such case. Although mamelons are safe to eat, they may not be attractive to certain people (via WebMD). You can ask your dentist to remove mamelons from your teeth if you don’t like the way they look. Thankfully, this is a rather simple and painless procedure. Your dentist can smooth out your mamelons by shaving the edge of your teeth, a treatment known as tooth reshaping or dental contouring.

Your dentist will most likely mark the regions that need to be reshaped and use a drill or laser to round out your teeth during this process. They will polish the damaged teeth after the mamelons have been shaved down and removed, so they look and feel smooth and even. There is no downtime because this is a noninvasive operation. You can just leave the dentist’s office and go about your business (per WebMD).