TikTok Challenges and Trends You Should Try Right Now

2020 was the time of TikTok. Since remaining inside implied discovering better approaches to keep us involved, we persevered relentlessly to track down that ideal leisure activity to take our psyche off things. For a time, it was TikTok. Our timelines and feeds were loaded up with individuals moving to Renegade.
Come 2021, there’s no getting away from the application, and we’re not grumbling! We listed 2021’s best TikTok challenges and you should try them now!

Tell me … without telling me

Front Row Challenge

Parents be like

The 2016 vs. 2021 TikTok Challenge

Crowd Cheers

Pulling Up To the Function

Sing With Me

Mullet Wolf Cut Trend

Corset Challenge

Jalebi Baby

Runaway Aurora