Top 7 Memorable Movie Lines

Some iconic movie lines can make the scenes more memorable and leave a lasting impression on viewers. It is the script made by directors of the movie or improvised lines from great actors that make the difference. But let’s talk about some movie lines that can make you rewatch the movie again.

7. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

In “Jaws” movie released in 1975 scenes with Bruce, the shark are the most memorable parts.  But the scene when  Roy Scheider confronts with the shark, with a cigarette between his lips he says this words “You are gonna need a bigger boat.” This scene is so iconic that is used as a sentence in other movies. It was an inside joke improvised by Scheider and he sure made an impression.

6. “I see Dead People.”

Movie Sixth Sense is not only creepy but succeeded in making the biggest twist in movie history. The part when little boy tells Bruce Willis “I see dead people” and the look on Bruce face was the big moment. Audience was shocked in the end when the twist happened and was discovered that Willis’ was dead the whole time.

5. “You hit me in the ear!”

“The first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.”

This rule pushed the director of the movie to make a scene when Edward Norton punches Brad Pitt lightly on the shoulder. But the director some minutes before the shooting talked with Norton and told him to hit Brad on the ear. This scene and his genuine reaction when he says angrily “You hit me in the ear” is captured perfectly.

4. “Hasta La Vista, Baby!”

If you watch Terminator 2 you will be able to notice Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous “Hasta la Vista, baby” line. This line was used by the co-writer, William Wisher when he talked with his friend on the phone but they never expected to be so famous afterwards. This famous line is from a Tone Loc song and the rapper approved of the use of it in the movie. Arnold wanted to change the line into “I will be back” because he thought that his accent made the scene look cringey, but the writer didn’t accept to change it.

3. “You better hide that big-ass forehead!”

The Fast and Furious franchise has a lot of punch lines for example “I don’t have friends, I have family.” or Hobbs exclaiming “I will beat your ass like a Cherokee drum.” But a line was totally improvised that caused serious laughter in the audience and staff. Dwayne Johnson came up with this famous line when he enters on the barbeque in the movie, Roman shouts that Mia should hide her baby oil. Without missing a beat, Hobbs replies “You better hide that big-ass forehead.” This line caused Ludacris to spit the drink because was so unexpected and left Tyrese at a loss for words when he just said “I was just joking”. It was a great and genuine reaction!  

2. “Wakanda Forever” – Black Panther

When this line was spoken there has been cheering and clapping in theatres across the globe during the screening of Marvel movies. When you say Wakanda Forever you do it with your right arm over the left. It is a salute from various cultures and countries and is a gesture of black excellence. Wakanda, a fictional East African country in the movie Black Panther, was and still is a name for God. Both the phrase and the salute have been adopted by celebrities worldwide after the release of the movie in 2018. 

1. “Hakuna Matata”

There are a lot of famous lines in this classic animated movie called The Lion King. In the original Lion King movie after Timon tells Simba that he needs to learn a new lesson, he asks him to repeat the now infamous words, “Hakuna Matata.” Pumbaa then repeats the line and adds, “It means no worries.” And this words became one of the catchiest tunes in Disney history.