Top 8 Most Affordable Places To Buy a House

If you’re looking for a vacation home or a place to move permanently, these countries offer unique landscape, amazing architecture, or beautiful weather at a price that is just right.

So if you are planning to move in another place and want to live in a country where the cost of living is the cheapest in the world, check out these 8 countries with us!

8. Argentina

Argentina is a tourist attraction filled with restaurants, history and a lot of places for your to discover. Another great thing is that is not very expensive to live here. If we compare it with houses in US a decent home in Argentina costs $139,000.

7. Cambodia

If you want a tropical paradise, Cambodia is the perfect place for it. And the great thing is that it is not expensive at all like other tropical getaways.

For example a luxury home with four bedrooms and a pool would only cost about $600 a month. A three bedroom vacation home can be purchased here for just $20,000. And if you want a gardener or housekeeper for your property you can hire them  for only $2,000 a year.

6. Ecuador

Ecuador is similar to United States which has become a popular getaway. It is not expensive it’s cheaper to eat out everyday than cook for yourself on a budget in the U.S. You can even buy a property for around $50,000 so it’s a win-win situation.

5. Albania

Albania is a great place with a sunny and warm weather and if you want to move in even permanently is a perfect tourist attraction. A large penthouse can be bought here for just $150,000, which is not terribly expensive compared to prices in the United States.

4. Hungary

Hungary really is a perfect tourist attraction which even awakens people the desire to stay there for a very long time. And except that it is really inexpensive when you can buy a large home for only $90,000.

3. Bulgaria

If you want landscape and ancient architecture Bulgaria is the answer. Except great nature and air you can buy a great and not expensive house for less than $20,000.

2. Thailand

This place is another tourist destination when you can explore and enjoy many things. When it doesn’t cost too much it’s even more tasteful. You can buy a nice condo for around $30,000 and a more spacious home for about $60,000.

1. Colombia

If we mention Colombia you can buy there a full meal for only $5. What about the rent? Well it is very cheap just $400 to $450 per month.