Top 9 Ways to Screw Up Your Life

At first when you read the topic, I’m sure you were astonished, and you double checked if you read that correctly and yes you did, today we will show you how people can screw up their lives, so take notes and do the exact opposite.

9. Stick to addictions

It is as dangerous as drugs or as harmful as non healthy food, any compulsion is a terrible one. As hard as it can be sometimes, feeding your temptations is just a perfect way to screw up your life.

8. Dream without taking action

I have never met anyone that wasn’t a dreamer. They all have high dreams and hopes. But parting them in your imaginations is a completely waste of time. In case you are moving to dream, take action and dream big to make it true.

7. Avoid Over Analyzing Yourself

Once in a while, it is very important to sit and think about things regarding your life. Ask yourself if you are on the right path, or in case there are things you are not noticing. Disregarding your inner opinion will certainly mess you up.

6. Fighting with your enemies

You will always have opponents, and competition is a part of life. And having opponents is completely up to you. It is in your hand how much power you give your enemies.  Fighting with them lets them know that you have given them power over your emotions and feelings.

5. Living by assumptions

 Thinking without confirming the reality and truth just explains that how gutless you are. You need to go and look for the actual truth before assuming things that are not true. The mind can play many games, and can create unnecessary situations.

4. Being ungrateful

Appreciation is a virtue that is undervalued. Be grateful for what you have as well as be pleased for it. The more grateful you are the more you will receive.

3. You are judgmental

Never be the person who always has a remark about someone or something. Who would wish to interact with you in case you always criticize them anyhow? You will only end up being lonely and miserable.

2. Not laughing

It catches many more muscles to frown compare to smile. Why will you wish to live an entire life without laughter and joy? It is a greatest medicine. You will overlook your little troubles, you would learn to realize the little things, and you would love life, in case you only laugh.

1. Being Afraid To love

There is no better feeling than love. In case you don’t provide it, you wouldn’t get it. Don’t deny love just because you are afraid of rejection. It is one of the best feelings in the whole world, so hold tight to it.