Unconscious swimmer Anita Alvarez saved by her coach!

After losing consciousness, Anita Alvarez, an American swimmer competing in the FINA World Aquatic Championships, had to be rescued from the bottom of the pool.

On Wednesday (June 22), the 25-year-old artistic swimmer sank to the bottom of the pool; at the end of her routine in Budapest, Hungary.

Fortunately, Anita’s coach Andrea Fuentes noticed what was happening and acted quickly to save the swimmer’s life. She dove to the pool’s bottom and pulled Anita to safety.

“I was already paying attention when I saw her fall,” Fuentes explained (via CNN). “Didn’t even think about whether I should go or not; I just knew I wasn’t going to wait.”

Fuentes claims she was quicker to respond than the lifeguards because ;”I know Anita very well and I know the sport very well”. They did their part, and I did mine.”

“Ms. Alvarez was immediately treated by a medical team in the venue and is in good health”; FINA said in a statement.

“It was kind of a shocking thing to see because as soon as I looked back down at the robotic camera I had this kind of clear view of the scene; while everyone in the arena was watching it through the surface of the water,” said underwater photographer Oli Scarff, who captured the dramatic photos. It went from photographing these beautiful images of this amazing athlete performing… to photographing a near-death situation in the blink of an eye. Actually, I was quite shaken.”