Visual Test That Can Say a Lot About Your Personality

Tests can say a lot about you and your inner self.  Your choices, favorite color or flower can tell a lot about your personality. Take a look with us and see the answers but please don’t take it too seriously it is just a game.

What flower do you see first in the image?

In these image you can find flowers hiding in it. So take a look and say the first flower that catches your eye. If you do not remember the name just remember the shape and color and find the answer.

1. You See a “Lily”

You are creative and sensitive. It means you have your own world, can understand books and feel a connection with nature. But don’t overdo it with your emotions. Learn to control it and accept criticism. See the positive things and think about good results. Being too strict with yourself  doesn’t allow you to enjoy life like it should be!

2. You See a “Poppy”

Passionate person! That’s the word that describes you. Even if you look calm, inside you is a sea of emotions. You just need to let it out and feel free to share it. Do not go over the board with it but people will accept you even if you cry or share emotions.

3. You See a “Petunia”

You are coordinated and peaceful. You don’t like to overstress yourself but try to reach your goals step by step. These means that you are patient and balanced with your actions. Sometimes you are a philosopher and when people ask you for advice you try to be as objective as you can.